When it comes to a core philosophy, Richard describes himself as a “feeler and a doodler” rather than any kind of hard theorist. Rather than apply any stringent ‘rules’ on a garden Richard prefers to rely on a sense of balance and proprtion of what would work best and couples this with an inate feeling for each clients likes/preferences and how they intend using the space.

His work has become sought after thanks to his love of symmetry, bold lines and richly coloured planting schemes. He likens his approach to the core template of a design:

“As with a face, we regard the most pefectly balanced to be the most beautiful, with perhaps one slight imperfection...”

If there is any form of trademark in Richard’s work one might look toward his swirling, almost ergonomic, ribbon hedging - whirling strips of green wrapping their way around herbaceous borders - which have worked equally well in urban and rural projects at varying scales. These Baroque style touches can help interweave differing aspects of any design, essential when one considers that a garden should always “look like a coherent whole, no matter how many things are going on within it.”

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